Easy Chocolate French Toast

Flavor RepublicSeptember 27, 2020

This is our quick and easy take on the classic, French Toast. Our Chocolate Therapy blend adds a rich and chocolaty flavor to this popular recipe. This lightly crisp French Toast with a soft and fluffy center is absolutely satisfying. 

Mexican Grilled Corn with Sriracha Lime Fusion

Flavor RepublicSeptember 26, 2020

Mexican Grilled Corn is very popular in Southern California. If you're going to grill corn, Mexican-style is a must...and Sriracha Lime Fusion is the perfect topping for it. 

Chocolate Banana Toast

Flavor RepublicSeptember 26, 2020

Our Chocolate Banana Toast recipe is fast and satisfying. Flavor Republic's Chocolate Therapy blend adds the perfect amount of the chocolaty flavor that you love. 

Honey Garlic Fusion Chicken Wings

Flavor RepublicSeptember 26, 2020

This recipe for Honey Garlic Fusion Grilled Chicken Wings are absolutely irresistible. A crispy and flavorful skin with sweet and spicy juicy goodness inside, this will easily become one of your favorite recipes.